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Nih! Daftar dan Lirik Lengkap Album Katy Perry "Prism"

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Nih! Daftar dan Lirik Lengkap Album Katy Perry "Prism" WartaNews-Los Angeles, Sejumlah judul lagu yang muncul di album baru Katy Perry telah terungkap dan kutipan contoh liriknya juga ada. Kabarnya, penyanyi ini siap melepaskan album "Prism" pada 22 Oktober, album ini adalah penerus dari albumnya yang rilis 2011 silam, "Teenage Dream".

Katy Perry – Prism Album Preview


-You have all heard this one already and all of us at JustJared.com love it! Go watch the just released music video if you haven’t seen it yet.

"Legendary Lovers"

-Sampel lirik : “Take me down to the river/ Underneath the ____/ Say my name like a scripture/ Keep my heart beating like a drum/ Legendary lovers, legendary lovers, legendary lovers”
-There’s a breakdown in the song that makes you want to belly dance. There’s a howl toward the end.. “Ah-who-o-o-o!”


-Sampel lirik : “I’ll give you a taste/ Make you lick your body every day/ Give you something to satisfy… Give you something good to celebrate/ I know you like it sweet/ Make it like your birthday everyday.”
-The breakdown: “Let me get you in your birthday suit.”
-Song ends with a whisper, “happy birthday”

"Walking On Air"

-Sampel lirik : “Just when I think I can’t take anymore/ We go deeper and hotter than ever before/ We go higher and higher, I feel like I’m already there/ I’m walking on air tonight”


-Sampel lirik : “Did I almost sin… all your insecurities…” Chorus: “Unconditional, unconditionally/ I will love you unconditionally. There is no fear now… I love you conditionally.”

"Dark Horse" feat Juicy J

-Sampel lirik: “So you wanna play with magic/ Boy you should know what you’re falling for/ Baby do you dare to do this/ Cause I’m coming at you like a dark horse.. Are you ready for, ready for/ Perfect storm, perfect storm/ Cuz once you’re mine, once you’re mine”

"This Is How We Do"

-Sampel lirik : “Chanel this, Chanel that, hell yeah… Street stuntin’ ya we do it like that/ Yeah this is how we do.. Bring the beat back”

"International Smile"

-Sampel lirik: “That girl’s a trip, one way ticket/ Takes you miles high, cause she’s got that one international smile.”


-Sampel lirik : “Every gift, every letter, every promise, there forever… now you’re just a ghost.. vanish like a vapor… now I see clearly… my vision’s 20/20… So rest in peace, see you on the other side.”

"Love Me"

-Sampel lirik : “I love myself in fear of losing you… I lost my own identity”… Love me, no more second guessing/ There’s no more questioning/ I’ll be the one to find who I love/ I can see you have feelings… I’m gonna love”

"Double Rainbow"

-Sampel lirik: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure/ The two of us together… So if it’s up to me, I’m gonna keep you forever… Brighter than the Northern Lights… Like a double rainbow in the sky… double rainbow time flies”

"By The Grace Of God"

-Sampel lirik: “Lay on the bathroom floor/ Couldn’t take it anymore… By the grace of God/ I looked in the mirror and decided to stay/ Wasn’t gonna let love take me out… I thank my sister for keeping my head above the water… Every morning, I finally see myself again… Universe calling my bluff” (*/xco)